First cannabis postgraduate course in Spain

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This fall sees the launch of the first cannabis postgraduate course in Spain, the result of a joint effort between the Cannabis Hub of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC School).

This initiative was created to explore the enormous agro-technological potential of cannabis and the socio-economic benefits that can be extracted from the plant, some of the most important being the textile, health, food and construction sectors.

Potential of cannabis

Many of us are used to enjoying cannabis and it is likely that if you are from Barcelona you have a trusted cannabis association where you go to relax. But cannabis is much more than that and has impacted our lives in many ways throughout history.

Currently, after years of stigmatization and censorship, cannabis is freeing itself from these prejudices and giving way to scientific research. This has positioned it as one of the best sustainable and ecological alternatives for a large number of industries.

Not only did research focused on consumption, both medicinal and recreational, increase, but also in the industrial, food and textile sectors, where new ways of taking advantage of cannabis are being explored.

This should not be surprising considering that the cannabis plant was widely used in ancient times for its fiber, raw material for the manufacture of fabrics, sacks, cordage, carpets.

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The postgraduate course in Cannabis Production and Transformation Technologies offers a generalist approach, from the industry itself, so that new professionals and entrepreneurs in this growing sector obtain a global, strategic and technological vision for decision making around cannabis and its potential application in the industry. Students will take a complete journey from the different uses and cultivation techniques of the cannabis sativa L plant, through the different transformation processes to the subsequent commercialization of derived products. This entire value chain will be addressed with special emphasis on legal, technical and quality aspects.

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When and where?

The postgraduate course begins on November 11, 2022 and ends on March 18, 2023. It will be in blended mode, will be taught in Spanish and has a price of 4,200 €. If you are interested in enrolling you can check all the necessary information in this link to the course.

From BCN Kush We encourage anyone who wants to contribute their grain of sand to the cannabis world, promote the benefits that can be extracted from the plant and end censorship.


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