What is 420? Here we explain

Have you ever wondered what 420 is and why so many people celebrate it every year? This term, which may seem like a simple number, has a fascinating history and a deep meaning in cannabis culture. In this article, we explain in a clear and straightforward way everything you need to know about 420, from its everyday use to the big celebrations of April 20.

Meaning of 420

The term 420, also known as "420" or "4/20", has a special meaning within the cannabis culture. Basically, it refers to a specific time of day, 4:20 PM, and a particular date, April 20, when cannabis enthusiasts gather to celebrate and consume marijuana. The origin of 420 dates back to a group of students in California in the 1970s, who used this code as a secret reference to meet and smoke marijuana after school.

Contexts in which 420 is used

The number 420 is used in a variety of contexts, and I'm sure you've seen it more than once:

Everyday conversations: Among friends who share a taste for marijuana, it is common to hear phrases like "Let's meet at 4:20".

Social networks: Hashtags like #420, #420life or #420friendly flood platforms like Instagram and Twitter, especially on April 20.

Popular culture: Movies and series, from comedies like "Half Baked" to dramas like "Weeds," mention 420, reinforcing its place in cannabis culture.

How 420 is celebrated

April 20 is a special day for cannabis lovers, and here we tell you how to celebrate it:

Events and meetings: Large rallies and festivals are organized around the world. In places like Denver, Colorado, and Vancouver, Canada, huge gatherings are held where people celebrate and enjoy marijuana-related activities.

Common practices: At 4:20 PM, it is customary that people smoke marijuana togetherThe program also offers educational sessions and talks on legalization and the benefits of cannabis. Educational sessions and talks on the legalization and benefits of cannabis are also held.

Laws and Regulations

Marijuana legalization varies depending on the region. In some places, it is completely legal; in others, it remains illegal. Here is a brief summary:

United States: Some states such as California and Colorado have legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Other states only allow medical use, and in some it is still completely illegal.

Canada: Marijuana has been federally legal since 2018, allowing for recreational and medicinal use throughout the country.

Europe: Countries such as the Netherlands allow its use in certain contexts, such as in the famous coffee shops of Amsterdam, while in others, such as France, its use is strictly regulated and penalized.

At Spain, ahile the sale and trafficking of marijuana is illegal, the consumption and cultivation of marijuana for personal use in private spaces are decriminalized.. Spain is also known for its cannabis clubs, where members can consume in a private setting. However, these clubs operate in a legal gray area and are subject to local restrictions and regulations.

Tips for Participating in 420

If you are thinking of joining the 4/20 celebrations, keep these tips in mind:

Security: Be sure to consume in a safe place and trust the quality of the product. Avoid driving under the influence and maintain a safe environment for all participants.

Respect: Respect those who do not participate and follow local laws. Do not smoke in public places where it is prohibited and always consider the welfare of others.

Social Impact of 420

420 has become a symbol of cannabis culture and has influenced public perception of marijuana. Here are some key points:

Perceptions and stigmas: Despite advances in legalization, there are still stigmas associated with marijuana use. 420 has helped normalize its use and encourage a more open conversation about its benefits and risks.

Movements and activism: 420 is also a day of activism, where legalization is promoted and restrictive laws are fought against. Groups and organizations take advantage of this date to carry out awareness and mobilization campaigns.


The 420 is a powerful and unifying symbol within cannabis culture, representing both the enjoyment of cannabis and the struggle for its legalization. In Spain, cannabis clubs offer a safe and private space to consume cannabis legally and responsibly.

Join our club to access quality products and be part of a community that supports cannabis education and activism. Become a member and celebrate 420 in a meaningful and responsible way. Interested? We look forward to seeing you!

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