Here you'll find the most common questions we receive from our members and people who wants to become one

What is BCN Kush?

BCN Kush is a cannabis association located in Sants, Barcelona. With easy access thanks to its proximity to the metro and the bus, it is an ideal place to relax and immerse yourself in the cannabis culture of Barcelona.

How to become a member of BCN Kush?

To be a member of our weed club you must be over 21 years of age and present yourself with a legal ID with photo. You can expedite the process by completing the form on our website before approaching us in person.

How do you handle my personal information?

We never share your personal information. Your data is kept securely and completely confidential.

Do I need an ID every time I enter the cannabis club?

Yes. One of the requirements to enter the club is to present an official identification from your country, be it ID, passport, driving license, etc.

Do I need to register every time I visit the club?

Of course not! Once is enough. Then you will only need your ID to identify yourself at the entrance.

Can tourists/foreigners become members of the club?

Yes. We love receiving tourists and making the rich cannabis culture that we have in Barcelona known.

Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Barcelona?

Smoking marijuana in public spaces is strictly prohibited. It is legal to smoke in private places like our weed club, BCN Kush.

¿Puedo comprar marihuana de forma online?

No, no club offers online purchases.

¿Cuál es la diferencia entre CBD y THC?

The CBD acts as a relaxant and the THC is what provides the “high”. More on the subject here:

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

Indica: Netflix and chill. They tend to have relaxing and cerebral effects. Sativa: Go out dancing. Paired with an energizing effect it keeps you more active than an Indica strain.

I don't like to smoke. Do you offer other options to consume cannabis within the club?

Yes. At BCNK we have our dab station where you will find rigs for dabs, bongs, vaporizers or pipes so that you can consume your extracts or concentrates as you wish.