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If you are in Barcelona and you are curious about cannabis associations, you have come to the right place. First of all a word of warning, no cannabis association or club does street promotion, which is illegal. Their staff can be contacted by phone, whatsapp or in person and they can offer you advice and guidance on how to use marijuana responsibly.

While cannabis is illegal for adult use in Barcelona, it is not illegal to consume small amounts for personal use. In fact, it is legal for Barcelona residents to grow two cannabis plants. Visitors can join cannabis social clubs if they are legally allowed to do so. In the case of a cannabis club in Barcelona, you will need a valid passport or driver's license to enter.

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As private organizations, cannabis clubs can respect the privacy of their members. They will not send marked mailings, leak member information to the government or spam members with offers. This makes the clubs secure and discreet. The private nature of cannabis clubs allows the establishments to operate without any interference from neighboring communities.

If you are traveling alone to Barcelona, you may want to find a cannabis club that speaks your language, which can sometimes be difficult, but most speak English and Italian. Barcelona's cannabis associations are characterized as places with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and staff that are helpful and knowledgeable.

The BCN Kush is one of the most famous cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It is located in Sants, very easy to access. The club offers a variety of concentrates, extracts and flower genetics, with a trained staff ready to help you.

Once you are a member of a cannabis club, you must show a valid form of identification at the door to enter. Depending on the club, you will have to pay a membership fee. Membership fees for marijuana clubs vary from club to club.

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