Legal Cannabis in BCN Kush

Let's start at the beginning. Is it legal to consume cannabis in Catalonia or the city of Barcelona? And in the Spanish state? At present, in Spain consumption, cultivation, possession and purchase are illegal, unless these acts occur in privacy and without profit. What does this mean? That, like everything in life, there are not only black and white, there are also gray areas that must be understood.

We know that if you have entered our article, it is because you are looking for answers. We, in this way, will try to be resolute and give you clear answers, but when the matter refers to use and purchase of cannabisIn the Spanish state and in the city of Barcelona the solution is not so simple. We explain it to you.

At present, marijuana is not legal in Spain, but self-cultivation of cannabis is allowed as long as it is done privately and is not intended for trafficking. In addition, and despite what is popularly known, the maximum number of plants that a grower can have is not clearly specified. This is how it is, and how diffuse the limits are: self-consumption is not a punishable offenseThe judge may determine the cultivation of plants for individual consumption, or for profit. Each specific case is a different case to be studied.

However, until the entry of the popularly known as the "Gag Law".In the United States, the use and possession of cannabis was governed by the Public Safety Act of 1992. With the "new" law, it is considered a serious crime to have marijuana plants visible from the street, even if it is for self-consumption. What is left, then? Our answer (and solution) is, again, the same: Cannabis Social Clubs (CSC).

Barcelona: "the new Amsterdam".

As you have been able to read, the legislation in Spain is confusing. And it continues to be even more confusing when we go into its different autonomous communities. Depending on the autonomous community where one lives, the law regarding cannabis consumption may be more or less lax. 

Precisely the community of Catalonia is one of the lucky ones. Do you know what the city of Barcelona is known as? The new Amsterdam! 

Although this is not a total free license to grow marijuana, transport it or smoke it, in the city of Barcelona it is allowed to grow marijuana, but this cultivation is limited to two plants per household (but with no limit on how tall they can grow). Even so, and this has to be taken into account, tll trafficking and sale activities of the controlled substance are strictly illegal in Barcelona. (and in Spain in general).

Is a Cannabis Social Club legal?

This is where CSCs come into play. Associations or clubs as ours are erected to give response and solution to the loopholes of this legal system. We have already explained the benefits of becoming a member of a CSC in one of our previous posts, but we summarize it again in three words: protection, tranquility and legality. It sounds good when we refer to consumption that is punishable outside the private sphere, doesn't it? Why take a gamble? 

The Barcelona CSCs as BCN Kush are very different from the coffee shops in Amsterdam: we are private associations and require membership. Do you know what that means? Yes, we do, we do not participate in the buying and selling circuit. on the black market and we protect you and your consumption in a legal way. 

Why not fight for this type of consumption? Yes, it is true, until a homogeneous legislation is not created, our state will be far from legalizing cannabis. But there are good alternatives to continue consuming it! Will you join us?

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