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Although society in Barcelona tolerates the use of marijuana, there are still conflicting laws in this city, including those related to public consumption. Cannabis has a high demand, high income potential and many opponents, and this creates tension in the city. Barcelona ranks at the top when it comes to cannabis culture, but I found that the legality of cannabis use in the city is a big question mark.

There are several cannabis clubs in Barcelonabut only a few are open to tourists. To join a club, you must provide a valid government-issued photo ID and a residential address in Spain. A hotel address will not do. However, your residential address will be kept confidential. This way, you will avoid the pitfalls of being caught in a tourist trap and entering the club.

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To become a member of a cannabis association, a membership fee is usually paid. This ranges from 10 to 50 euros for one year. The procedure is simple and does not require a lot of paperwork. However, there are strict rules governing cannabis clubs, and you will need to adhere to these guidelines to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona.

If you have any questions about the cannabis associations in Barcelona, do not hesitate to approach BCN KushIf you are interested, one of our collaborators or partners will be happy to help you.

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