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Have you ever wondered how much the cannabis plant has changed from its beginnings to the present day? Here we tell you a little bit of its history and how we ended up with the great amount of marijuana strains that there are nowadays.

hemp plant and marijuana sativa plant
Hemp vs Marijuana: hemp plant on the left and cannabis plant on the right.

A bit of cannabis history... When and where does marijuana originate?

A recent study by the University of Laussane, in Switzerland, assures that the relationship of human beings with the cannabis plant began 12,000 years ago. The first contact with the plant began in the eastern region of Asia and its domestication began almost simultaneously with that of wheat. Already from the beginning it was used as medicine, raw material or consumed for pleasure.

In more tropical areas, thanks to a warm climate and human selection in cultivation, cannabis variants developed higher levels of THC and CBD over the years. On the other hand, in harsher and more rustic climates, the marijuana plant became a key component of the cotton or linen-like clothing we know today as "hemp".

But it was not until the 20th century, in the midst of prohibition, that modern cannabis breeding was born. The main reason was to grow the plant in its most psychoactive form in climates where it would not normally have grown. The introduction of "indica" genetics, with a short flowering time and smaller size than "sativas", brought about an exponential increase in the variety of genetics. If you want to know a little more about how these two strains differ, we recommend you this article.

This is how this practice ended up in what we know today, with genetics that are better adapted to a specific climate or that are able to grow indoors with artificial light. 

buds of different colors
Formand colors. Variety of buds.

Current variety of marijuana

The reality is that we cannot know precisely how many hybrid varieties currently exist. New genetics are constantly being developed worldwide, just stop by our club. Barcelona Kush to see a sample of the great diversity we have reached. Among the thousands and thousands of cannabis strains out there, we think a few select families are worth mentioning:

KushWe obviously could not fail to mention the family that gives our club its name. These strains come from varieties native to Afghanistan, northern Pakistan and northwest India. As time went by, it reached the West, largely thanks to traveling hippie groups, something very common in the 60s. From this family we can mention some hybrid varieties which are very famous nowadays, like "OG Kush" or "Bubble Kush".

Haze: Just mentioning some varieties like "Silver Haze", "Amnesia", "1024" or "Chocolate Haze" we realize the popularity of this family. With a powerful cerebral and energetic effect, it is very sought after and easy to find in any social club. Although it is not known precisely where it originated, we know that it was the Haze brothers (growers from Santa Cruz, California) who popularized this family through experimentation.

Varieties in BCN Kush

Whether with or without tobaccoindica or sativa, weed or hash, we are sure that in BCN Kush you will find what you are looking for. So if talking so much about genetics has left you a bit confused, don't worry, here we are ready to listen to you and recommend you the best for what you are looking for.

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